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Summary of Projects with Funding Assistance by the Colorado State Historical Fund


Bobcat Ridge Homestead Cabin & Barn

Masonville, Colorado

Owner: City of Fort Collins

Architect: AE Design

Work Completed: Job done as partners with Wattle & Daub Construction. Empire work included: Deconstruction and restoration of log cabin with as much original fabric as possible and roofing of historic barn. (Winter 2012 & Spring 2013).


148 North College Avenue

Fort Collins, Colorado

Architect: AE Design

Work Completed: Remove modern elements from the business façade and rebuild the storefront similar to original. (2011)


City of Fort Collins Transportation Center

Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: City of Fort Collins

Work Completed: Rebuild windows and door on existing building (Spring 2008)


Saint Joseph’s School

Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: Archdiocese of Denver Architect: Aller-Lingle, Fort Collins, Colorado

Work Completed: Assist in application for Historic Structure Assessment through the State Historic Fund. (Winter 2007).


10 Short Street

Manitou Springs, Colorado

Work Completed: Historic Assessment of 2 log and stone cabins built in the 1920’s, for repair. (Spring 2005).


Persse Homestead

Littleton, Colorado

Owner: Roxborough State Park Architect: Schuber & Darden, Aurora, Colorado

Work Completed: Consultant on Historic Structure Assessment of the Persse and Cooper Cabins, Colorado State Parks (Fall 2002). Emergency stabilization of the Cooper Cabin including 4 wall stabilization and replacement of rotten logs on 3 sides (Winter 2004-05).


Franz-Smith Cabin Fort Collins Museum Courtyard

200 Mathews Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: City of Fort Collins

Architect: Gerou & Associates, Evergreen, Colorado

Work Completed: Consultant on Historic Structure Assessment Report for the Museum by Anthony & Associates and Colorado State University’s Architectural Preservation Institute (Fall 2001). Rehabilitation of Cabin Including: Place cabin on foundation. Replace rotten log work using similar tool methods. Build roof system similar to original (missing) roof. Rebuild and restore doors and windows. Plaster interior of cabin. Install masonry chimney (Summer 2004).


Nunn Municipal Hall Building / Northern Drylanders Museum

Nunn, Colorado Owner: High Plains Historical Society

Contractor: Wattle & Daub

Work Completed: Strengthen burned trusses, create ADA bathrooms, create new offices, restore windows and doors while maintaining the historic integrity of the building (Winter 2004).


Harvey J. Parish House

701 Charlotte Johnstown, Colorado

Owner: Johnstown Historical Society

Work Completed: Consultant on Historic Structure Assessment, by Robert Palmer, Cultural Resource Historians (June 2000). Write Specifications Documents for bidding on work, on building (Spring 2005).


Oliver Touissant Jackson Home

Washington Street Dearfield, Colorado

Owner: Black American West Museum

Architect: Andrews & Anderson, Golden, Colorado

Project Manager: Architectural Preservation Institute, Colorado State University

Contractor: Wattle & Daub

Work Completed: Helped assess the scope of work. Supervised the lifting and moving of house off existing foundation, excavation and placing of new concrete foundation. Supervised replacement of house on new foundation, parging of foundation, rebuilding of chimneys, and laying of block foundation under addition. Repaired roof, walls, and floor structure to stabilize building. Repaired siding, facia, and other visual aspects. Rebuilt front porch structure. Built new storm windows to cover windows, and repaired window frames to support storms. Other carpentry, as needed by plans. (Fall,Winter 2001,2002)


Virginia Dale Stage Station

Virginia Dale, Colorado

Owner: Virginia Dale Community

Club Architect: CRM Architects, Livermore, Colorado

Work Completed: Stabilization & Rehabilitation of building. Raise building and replace rotten logwork with new logs tooled similar to originals. Rebuild stone foundation and stabilize with hidden piers. Stabilize floor system. (Winter 1997, 1998)


Work completed on National Register Buildings & Districts


EDAW Building

240 East Mountain Avenue, Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: EDAW Inc.

Architect: EDAW Inc

Work Completed: Exterior rehabilitation of 1880’s building. USGBC LEED Gold, Existing Building. ( Spring 2008).

Masonic Building & Rohling Inn

Blackhawk, Colorado

Owner: Fitzgerald’s Casino

Architect: Aller-Lingle-Massey, Fort Collins, Colorado

Work Completed: Rehabilitate the historic fronts of the buildings to Secretary of Interior’s Standards. (Fall-Spring 2007-8).


500 Pearl Street

Boulder, Colorado

Owner: CJ Davis

Contractor: Telemark Homes, Boulder Colorado

Work Completed: Rehabilitation of historic Windows. (Fall-Winter 2007).

Howe Mortuary (Mapleton Place)

Boulder, Colorado

Contractor: Deneuve Construction, Boulder, Colorado

Work Completed: Rehabilitation of historic windows and custom built storm windows. (Fall 2007).


Steamboat Railroad Depot

Owner: City of Steamboat Springs, Colorado

Work Completed: Repair selected window sashes to historic standards (Fall 2006).


First United Presbyterian Church

400 E 4th Street, Loveland, Colorado

Architect: Aller Lingle, Fort Collins, Colorado

Work Completed: Remove & replace all 12" fascia and repair soffit as needed (Summer 2006).


Linden Hotel

201 Linden Street Fort Collins, Colorado

Work Completed: Assessment of the second & third floor windows for repair with Edge Architecture of Fort Collins. (Fall 2005)

Green Mountain Ranch

Grand County, Colorado

Owner: Rocky Mountain National Park

Work Completed: Stabilization & Rehabilitation: Replace rotten sill logs and other assorted logs on 3 cabins. Copy joinery of original logs. Replace floor beams of one cabin. Managed Federal monies with RMNP (Summer 2005).


Work completed on  jobs not listed above

(since 2000)


Northern Colorado Feeders Supply Warehouse (Spring 2014)

300 Hickory Street

Owner: NCFS Inc.

Engineer: JVA

Work Completed: Stabilize barn/warehouse; jack up and restore sagging roof system; reset posts to support roof. (Spring 2014)


Martinez Farm Office remodel

Owner: City of Fort Collins, Colorado

Architect: Aller Lingle, Fort Collins, Colorado

Work Completed: Demolish part of office building and expand offices. Complete all finishes. (Winter 2006).


Cabin Paint Removal

Owner: Rocky Mountain National Park

Work Completed: Corn blast all interiors of 3 cabins to remove paint. Finish & Clean-up (Spring 2006).


Phantom Ranch

Owner: Nature Conservancy

Work Completed: Install new heat system in four buildings, and remodel area in Interpretive Center into office (Fall/Winter 2006). Supervise building, commission, and turnover of buildings (Spring 1989).

Bellvue Store

Bellvue, Colorado

Owner: Anson & Beverly Perina

Engineer: CTL Thompson

Work Completed: Stabilize historic building, mitigate rot and rebuild exterior structure, stabilize floor system, Place new foundation under part of building and regrade. (Fall 2007)


Foster Ranch

Jemez Springs, New Mexico

Owner: Manzano Day School, Albequerque, NM

Work Completed: Developed a Structural Analysis and Budget for the historic Bunkhouse. Developed Budget for historic hay barn rehabilitation. Stabilization & Rehabilitation of bunkhouse. Replace rotten sill logs and other assorted logs. Copy joinery of original logs. Install chinking and daubing. Reinforce stone foundation and regrade site for drainage.(Summer/Fall 2010)


Burrill Home

Fort Collins, Colorado

Owner: Jim & Carol Burrill

Engineer: Geoffrey Robinson

Work Completed: Move existing 2 story home from Loveland, Colorado, to new location in north Ft. Collins, Colorado. Rehabilitate home to new standards, for occupancy by owners. (Spring/Fall 2010)


North Campus Architectural Survey

Fort Collins, Colorado OAHP# CO-10-014

Work Completed: Survey 137 properties and complete Intensive Surveys for a selected 40 properties. Collate information and write Conclusion, including styles, trends, history and Recommendations. (Spring/Summer 2011)

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